Do you ever feel overwhelmed by tasks due to a lifetime of procrastination?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by tasks due to a lifetime of procrastination
Photo by Nubelson Fernandes / Unsplash

Yes, procrastination can be a huge hindrance in getting things done and can easily lead to feeling overwhelmed. Procrastination is an easy habit to fall into and difficult one to break. It's important to understand that it’s not always a lack of motivation that makes us procrastinate, but often feelings of anxiety or even fear.

One way to begin breaking the cycle of procrastination is by identifying what triggers it. Whether it’s perfectionism, fatigue or feeling overwhelmed by the task itself, identifying our feelings can help us become more aware of our behavior and how we respond in certain situations. Once we are aware of what triggers us, we can start looking for productive ways to cope with those overwhelming emotions as opposed turning them off through procrastination.

Another way to stop feeling overwhelmed due to lifetime of procrastination is by developing an action plan that breaks down tasks into smaller chunks so they don't feel insurmountable all at once. This will also help you build momentum in completing larger projects because each time you finish one step towards completion your self-confidence will increase while anxieties decrease allowing you remain motivated and stay on track with your goal. Additionally setting short-term goals rather than long-term ones will make accomplishment seem more attainable which helps combat feelings of apathy or overwhelm associated with bigger tasks and projects in general.

Finally reaching out for support from friends, family member or mentors who have gone through similar experiences can be extremely helpful when trying tackle past habits such as procrastination that cause much stress and frustration along the journey towards achieving success . With their understanding guidance , you may find yourself making sustainable changes without falling back into old patterns behavior - leading you closer achieving your dreams without those pesky feelings overwhelm!